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We start broadly, generating concepts and pushing the boundaries before honing in.


We experiment, test and iterate: solving problems through physical models.


We fine-tune and consider the manufacturability of all elements of the design.

Gaiabot represents a radical new development in intelligent and environmentally aware packaging. Invented by product designer Patrick Astwood, the Gaiabot bottle and container (patent pending) range gives manufacturers a cost effective option in product distribution and carbon footprint reduction. It also offers consumers a compelling alternative in the repeat purchase process and domestic waste disposal.

Rotating Razor

Is housed in the razor barrel, as a hollow cylinder this allows the razor to be cleaned easily by running water through the centre of the blade.


STRIDEWINDER™ is a sports and leisure vehicle that allows the user to move with maximum fluidity and efficiency while eliminating the effort and interruption associated with typical tarmac-based action sports like skateboarding, kick-scootering, and rollerblading. A mechanical device which both harnesses the users’ action and energy while simultaneously moving forward under its own impetus, STRIDEWINDER™ is more akin in operation to a push bike, and yet replicates the thrills of the ski slope. It could actually be described as skiing, or gliding on land.